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Corporate Responsibility

SumiRiko Ohio, Inc.’ Corporate Social Responsibility Program is based on our belief in, and intent to uphold, local, national and international laws and regulations. Our business activities reflect our dedication to treat the earth and society respectfully.

We will provide quality products and service to our customers at all times.  We will develop and maintain the trust of our customers. Information about our customers will not be shared with others, in accordance with each country’s privacy laws.

We will treat our Associates with respect, adhering to our belief that “Associates are our most valuable resource.” We will respect diversity and promote personal growth. We will provide a safe work environment and will not discriminate against associates, nor allow the practice of discrimination to occur in our work environment. The fundamental rights of workers will be supported.

We will actively strive to minimize environmental impact and will work to protect the natural environment. Ongoing activities will take place to reduce and eliminate industrial waste and all possible materials will be recycled. We will focus on achieving high levels of technology to provide cleaner and more efficient processes.

We will engage in activities that will support the community in which we do business and those communities in which our associates reside. Our contributions will be made with the intent to strengthen the communities.

We will treat all business partners, customers, associates and community members respectfully. We will strive to maintain long term relationships. Our communication will be timely and fair, building a culture that promotes ethical behavior.

All management associates must lead by example, upholding SumiRiko Ohio, Inc.’s belief in ethical behavior.