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Who is SumiRiko?

SumiRiko is a world-class manufacturer of anti-vibration automotive components. DTR was established as a joint venture by TRI (Tokai Rubber Industries) Ltd. TRI was established in 1929 in Japan and is known as the leading company in the automotive rubber products field. DTR changed it's name in March 2017 to SumiRiko Ohio to share the reputation of our parent company SumitomoRiko.

What does SumiRiko do?

SumiRiko manufactures and sells a wide variety of anti-vibration rubber products such as hydraulic and conventional engine mounts, body mounts, engine drivelines, exhaust isolation mountings and body isolation products. SumiRiko also specializes in a complete line of automotive hose products, including rubber and plastic high pressure fuel hoses along with vapor hoses. We also manufacture urethane sound reduction products.

SumiRiko manufactures a wide variety of anti-vibration rubber products such as conventional and hydraulic engine mounts, body mounts, strut mounts, bushings and dampers for customers such as Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi and others.

What does SumiRiko Supply?

SumiRiko’s main customers are Honda, Toyota, Subaru and Nissan. We also supply some Ford, Mazda and Mitsubishi parts.

Where is SumiRiko located?

SumiRiko is located in Bluffton, Ohio. SumiRiko also has manufacturing locations in Chihuahua, Mexico and in Midway and Tazewell, Tennessee. SumiRiko’s sales office and technical center is located in Novi, Michigan.

How long has SumiRiko been in business?

SumiRiko was established on January 8, 1988 in Bluffton, Ohio. Since inception, our plant has expanded 13 times in its history; growing from 88,000 square feet to over 340,000 square feet.

When is SumiRiko open?

SumiRiko is a 24 hour manufacturing facility, operating 3 shifts.

Can I visit SumiRiko?

Due to security, liability, safety, and other concerns, it is SumiRiko’s policy to disallow non-Associates into break rooms and production areas.

Although SumiRiko has a strict policy regarding visitors, if interested in a plant tour, please contact the front desk at 419-358-2121 during normal business hours.

How many people does SumiRiko employ?

SumiRiko is one of the leading employers for Allen County and the largest employer in Bluffton, Ohio, employing over 600 people.

What types of employment does SumiRiko offer?

SumiRiko offers full-time employment only. If interested in employment, please fill out an application here. Questions regarding employment can be sent to blucareers@us.SumiRiko.com. If interested in employment with SumiRiko on a part-time basis, please contact our contingent staffing agency, Spherion, at 567-226-4543.

How can I apply for a job at SumiRiko?

You can apply for a job at SumiRiko by filling out our online application here.

Why should I work for SumiRiko?

SumiRiko treats their Associates with respect, adhering to the belief that “Associates are our most valuable resource.” SumiRiko respects diversity and promotes personal growth. In addition, SumiRiko provides a safe work environment, keeping safety a priority at home, at work and in between.

What are the benefits of working for SumiRiko?

SumiRiko offers a world-class benefits package and competitive wages.

What’s it like to work at SumiRiko?

SumiRiko is founded on the following philosophies:
 Customer Satisfaction is #1
 Our Associates are our most valuable resource
 Work to become world leader in Quality

How can I contact SumiRiko?

SumiRiko Ohio can be reached by phone at 419-358-2121 or by emailing blucareers@us.SumiRiko.com regarding employment.
SumiRiko Tennessee - Midway can be reached by phone at 423-422-4454 or by emailing midcareers@us.SumiRiko.com regarding employment.
SumiRiko Tennessee - Tazewell can be reached by phone at 423-626-8805 or by emailing tazcareers@us.SumiRiko.com regarding employment.